Welcome to insanity!

18 Mar

Yay, I finally have a blog!!

Not entirely sure what I’m so excited about as I’m sure I will forget about it and go weeks on end with no posts while I figure out this mess called life.  When I do post it will be about some outrageously cute or obnoxious thing my 4 year old has done (Mommyhood) or how much having a husband who is gone sucks(Married) or how I can manage to take a 2 minute shower without interruption (Maintenance).

The name… I am not encouraging eating disorders by any stretch of the imagination.  This is reflective of the stresses particular to military life and the less than stellar coping strategies I have found many (but not necessarily all) of my fellow spouses to have.  Some are minor and others are outright destructive.  Also, as a health and fitness professional, I meet and interact with a great many people who will state they are emotional eaters as well as eating to fill the space when they are bored.  I hope to avoid BOTH of these pitfalls and if I help others to avoid it as well then so be it.

Happy reading and please share/comment!! Unless you have nothing nice to say, then you can just stay quiet.


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