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Just the two of us

24 Jun

So, the husband is gone and the household is (temporarily) me and my little girl.  She’s taking it better than I expected, but I’m also wondering if she actually understands what is going on.  Daddy has been in and out a lot this year and I’m thinking she’ll just expect him home in a matter of days.  Yikes… The screaming tantrums we just got past may well come back in full force when he’s not home when she expects.  Double yikes…

I have been making a concerted effort to keep us on a regular schedule though and trying to keep her busy.  I find it’s easier to get her to behave when 1) She’s not bored and 2) I’ve done something nice for her so she needs to be nice to me.  I’m really hoping that this kind of 4 year old logic works for awhile.  Dessert before dinner= room cleaning.  I think this will work 🙂

With that (hopefully) under control I can start working on me.  It’s incredibly easy to neglect oneself when there are two (or more) other people in the house who need your attention and time as much as you do.  Time for mommy now 🙂 To start a decent skin care regimen again, go back to the gym… All that jazz.

It is the year of the mommy.