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People Make Me Mad…

15 Sep

God, some people burn my toast.

In the wake of these protests and indefensible attacks on embassies in the middle east, I have seen a rash of facebook and news site comments from people talking about dropping bombs and going to war with these countries. I have one thing for you stupid: If you do not have a family member in the military (which many of these people don’t) or you didn’t lose someone in those attacks then SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

Our military forces are already stretched thin and deploying for long times and you want to add another war?! Oh, that’s right you don’t have to watch your child cry because they miss daddy or wonder what the holidays and birthdays will be like without them home. You’re just another person who believes that the answer to EVERY problem is to kill the majority of the population with a missile strike and send in the uniforms to mop up the mess later. Notice how service members aren’t screaming and calling for war, only the cowards who don’t have the balls to go serve and defend this country. They have had and seen enough. They are ready to come home and see family, not to ship back out. There are wives, husbands and children out there crying as their family member’s warship moves to the region. This isn’t some f***ing video game or movie for your entertainment.

Also, stop and think. How is killing thousands of innocent women, children and even men who had nothing to do with these tragedies going to help anything? How is spilling even more blood going to fix this? It WON’T. If anything it will make things worse. The Libyan government is already on the task of finding those responsible and only those who are responsible should be punished, and I’m sure the interrogation they are going through will be punishment enough.

People need to think before they start spouting off. And yes, we have chosen the life of a military spouse and watch our service member leave to protect your right to say such stupid and ignorant things. That doesn’t make it any easier to see them go or hear it from you. Next time you want to say something like that, join up and see how quick you are to go to war. Yes, I am aware I will probably get someone yelling at me for this but I really don’t care. This knee jerk reaction of going to war over everything has to stop.


Popcorn and Beer

8 Sep

caught myself doing it the other day.  That stupid emotional/bored eating thing again.  It was my daughter’s first day of preschool, her father wasn’t home to see it and I was subconsciously (and consciously) upset.  She wanted to take a nap and while she was sleeping I pulled out a book I wanted to finish and wound up eating three bowls of Frosted Flakes just because I wanted something sweet and my hands weren’t busy *sigh*.  I realized what I had done when I went and put the bowl in the sink.  I also 1) found a trigger and 2) told myself that there have GOT TO BED better ways to handle downs like that one.

I started to do it again today.  I was bored, we had just gotten home when she asked for a snack.  I looked at the cabinet and thought of the Froot Loops I had bought her; then I changed course.  I popped us a bag of OR natural popcorn and we split that.  MUCH BETTER.  Until I realized that I was tired of drinking water and grabbed a beer instead.  Oh well, one good choice at least.  It could have been cereal and beer.  :-X

One step at a time folks, one step at a time… It’s replacing that 160 calorie bowl of cereal with the 30 calorie popcorn.  Next time I’ll swap out the beer for a seltzer water (if I ever remember to buy some).  Once the diet is mastered, the exercise will follow.  My BP numbers have already been looking better and so are my clothes.  Making changes that can be sustained even after my husband is home.

Being a military spouse creates such a chaotic marriage (and general home situation) that I can totally see how many military wives wind up as overweight as they are.  You put on weight when your husband is home (and that’s most married couples, wives will match husbands calorie for calorie without realizing it) and then adopt a new eating style when he leaves to lose the weight; only to pack it back on when he’s home again because you didn’t learn how to deal with the food problems you have when he’s home.  Having children makes it hard too, how many have an inclination to pick off their child’s plate or finish their food?  Not to mention children don’t always like the healthiest foods and leftovers are usually chicken nuggets, mac and cheese or hot dogs with some vegetables.  If you have more than one child, you can eat a whole extra meal without realizing it by cleaning their plates.  Ugh, MORE obstacles.

Now to conquer the cupcakes I promised little one we would make.

Happy (late) Anniversary to us

4 Sep

I know it’s been well over a month since I wrote anything but I don’t have as much time as I thought I would to sit here and put down thoughts.  I decided to take some this morning.  

Sunday was our 8th wedding anniversary, and the 4th one I have spent without my husband.  I know I “signed up for that” when I married him but it doesn’t make it any less sad that it is the case.  I got a phone call from where ever he is right now and spent the day with the little person we created together.  She made things much easier.  It’s hard to sit around feeling down when someone is asking to be pushed on the swing or wants you to watch them go down the slide.  I also spent my first anniversary alone for the same reason and I had no child but a nagging mother in law and if I could make it through that hell, I can make it through this easy breezy.

On another note, the eating habits I swore I was going to change while he is gone have finally started to change.  No more excess sugar, no more random snacking because I’m bored and have nothing else.  My original plan had been to just cut all sweets and sugar out of the house, period, end of story.  I then realized that I was setting myself up to fail for two reasons:

1) I like to have sweet treats.  I just need to make them occasional and not all the time.  I also need to work on portion control, eat one serving of ice cream instead of two.  I’m setting myself up for a binge if I cut them out entirely.

2) My husband likes sweet treats.  Just because I cut them out now doesn’t mean I can when he gets home.  I can’t deprive him because I can’t control myself.  I need to learn to live with them and control myself.

I’m also hopping on the exercise band wagon this week.  I did a strength class yesterday and plan to get some cardio in today!