People Make Me Mad…

15 Sep

God, some people burn my toast.

In the wake of these protests and indefensible attacks on embassies in the middle east, I have seen a rash of facebook and news site comments from people talking about dropping bombs and going to war with these countries. I have one thing for you stupid: If you do not have a family member in the military (which many of these people don’t) or you didn’t lose someone in those attacks then SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

Our military forces are already stretched thin and deploying for long times and you want to add another war?! Oh, that’s right you don’t have to watch your child cry because they miss daddy or wonder what the holidays and birthdays will be like without them home. You’re just another person who believes that the answer to EVERY problem is to kill the majority of the population with a missile strike and send in the uniforms to mop up the mess later. Notice how service members aren’t screaming and calling for war, only the cowards who don’t have the balls to go serve and defend this country. They have had and seen enough. They are ready to come home and see family, not to ship back out. There are wives, husbands and children out there crying as their family member’s warship moves to the region. This isn’t some f***ing video game or movie for your entertainment.

Also, stop and think. How is killing thousands of innocent women, children and even men who had nothing to do with these tragedies going to help anything? How is spilling even more blood going to fix this? It WON’T. If anything it will make things worse. The Libyan government is already on the task of finding those responsible and only those who are responsible should be punished, and I’m sure the interrogation they are going through will be punishment enough.

People need to think before they start spouting off. And yes, we have chosen the life of a military spouse and watch our service member leave to protect your right to say such stupid and ignorant things. That doesn’t make it any easier to see them go or hear it from you. Next time you want to say something like that, join up and see how quick you are to go to war. Yes, I am aware I will probably get someone yelling at me for this but I really don’t care. This knee jerk reaction of going to war over everything has to stop.


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