Fall is really here

2 Oct

Yay! Fall is here 🙂

The weather is finally turning cooler, the leaves are beginning to change and parents are inundated with fundraising items from schools.  Yes, the school fundraisers, the bane of parental existence.  I must say though, I find my daughter’s school’s fundraising efforts rather cute.  They are hosting a few Chuck E Cheese nights and having a Pumpkin Patch fundraiser.

Is it wrong to say I am almost excited about this little fundraiser?  It’s fall and pumpkins, perfect combination!  Brings about thoughts of pumpkin coffees, pumpkin breads, apple cider, jack o’lanterns and (the best part) trick or treating!  Pumpkins and apples seem to be what most fall activities revolve around and therefore make the season special and memorable.

Some of my favorite memories are family apple picking trips at the end of September/beginning of October.  Of course there was always the apple butters and apple crisps that followed right behind those trips 🙂 There’s not much apple picking going on where we are here in VA but I figure I’ll start taking her to pick a pumpkin each year and that can be our little thing.  Maybe carving out our jack o’lantern as well.  I also made the mistake of picking up some activity cards from Michael’s craft store for fall leaves so I think we’ll be leaf gathering soon too.  Ooooohhhh…. Remember leaf place mats from when you were a little kid? Place leaves between two pieces of waxed paper and iron them together? Hmmmm… More ideas.  This is my favorite time of year and I don’t want to miss any of it!

Anybody out there have any favorite fall activities?


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