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Small Children

17 Nov

Small children have THE worst timing ever.  As soon as you’re wrapped up in something (a book, a show, a shower…) they NEED you right that second.  It doesn’t matter how many times you ask them before you settle into something, they will tell you they are fine UNTIL you settle in and then it’s GAME ON.

And it’s never anything simple that they want or need.  They either peed themselves or are hungry or thirsty and have no idea what they want.  Or they want you to come change the TV channel because they’re favorite show just ended and they can’t watch the next one for a whole two seconds while you finish your chapter, your mouthful or rinsing off your hair.

It’s a REALLY good thing they’re cute or they might not make it to an age of self-sufficiency.  



12 Nov

So I realllllly need to get better about writing on here.  I told myself I was going to make the effort and I NEED to.  This is like any other worthwhile endeavor whether it is saving money, getting into a healthy lifestyle or spending more time with family; it takes discipline to get started but once you get started you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.  I need to work on my discipline, a lot.

I think I’ll start later though, right now I’m off to go play with my small child on this beautiful day.