Finding motivation

29 Jul

The past five weeks since my husband left have not been the health and fitness success I had hoped they would be.  Granted, I’m eating less meat and smaller portions but the junk is still there!! Not to mention the lack of exercise as well :-X  This is pretty bad considering that 1) I work in the health and wellness industry and 2) For several years I managed to maintain a really good lifestyle that just seemed to stop when I had my daughter.

I need to get it together mentally, if not for myself than for my daughter.  I have pretty good control over what she eats now and her play time, but what happens when she’s older and I don’t?  I don’t want her thinking that sitting around eating junk and barely exercising is ok because mommy does it.  I need to be the better example.  I need to do what I did before and have pre-ready healthy snacks and other things available instead of reaching for a cookie because it’s convenient.  I can get just as much sweetness from a melon as I can a cookie, and I can get fiber with the melon too.

As for the exercise… I like to exercise.  I love how I feel during and after a good session.  It’s just making sure I make time for myself to go.  Reminding myself that it’s not a waste of gas to get there if it’s beneficial to my health.


Night time musings…

14 Jul

This deployment business still has not fully hit me yet.  He’s been gone almost a month and, much like my 4 year old, I keep getting up in the morning waiting for the “come get me” text that I know is not coming.  It’s not that I don’t miss my husband, I really do, I just haven’t really acknowledged that he’s gone for a long time.  It’s been a crazy year for that.

Despite the guilt I’m feeling over this, I suppose it is somewhat better to be in a subconscious state of denial than a blubbering I-can’t-function-without-my-man-at-home mess.  I know there is a middle ground in there somewhere but maybe where I am is the middle ground.  It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I’m denying the reality.  Our daughter just isn’t old enough to understand.

Either way… I’m establishing a routine for us and haven’t varied greatly.  I also need to get my butt back in the gym for mommy time.  Exercising is my zone out time and I need to get back to it 🙂

Just the two of us

24 Jun

So, the husband is gone and the household is (temporarily) me and my little girl.  She’s taking it better than I expected, but I’m also wondering if she actually understands what is going on.  Daddy has been in and out a lot this year and I’m thinking she’ll just expect him home in a matter of days.  Yikes… The screaming tantrums we just got past may well come back in full force when he’s not home when she expects.  Double yikes…

I have been making a concerted effort to keep us on a regular schedule though and trying to keep her busy.  I find it’s easier to get her to behave when 1) She’s not bored and 2) I’ve done something nice for her so she needs to be nice to me.  I’m really hoping that this kind of 4 year old logic works for awhile.  Dessert before dinner= room cleaning.  I think this will work 🙂

With that (hopefully) under control I can start working on me.  It’s incredibly easy to neglect oneself when there are two (or more) other people in the house who need your attention and time as much as you do.  Time for mommy now 🙂 To start a decent skin care regimen again, go back to the gym… All that jazz.

It is the year of the mommy.

Welcome to insanity!

18 Mar

Yay, I finally have a blog!!

Not entirely sure what I’m so excited about as I’m sure I will forget about it and go weeks on end with no posts while I figure out this mess called life.  When I do post it will be about some outrageously cute or obnoxious thing my 4 year old has done (Mommyhood) or how much having a husband who is gone sucks(Married) or how I can manage to take a 2 minute shower without interruption (Maintenance).

The name… I am not encouraging eating disorders by any stretch of the imagination.  This is reflective of the stresses particular to military life and the less than stellar coping strategies I have found many (but not necessarily all) of my fellow spouses to have.  Some are minor and others are outright destructive.  Also, as a health and fitness professional, I meet and interact with a great many people who will state they are emotional eaters as well as eating to fill the space when they are bored.  I hope to avoid BOTH of these pitfalls and if I help others to avoid it as well then so be it.

Happy reading and please share/comment!! Unless you have nothing nice to say, then you can just stay quiet.