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Happy (late) Anniversary to us

4 Sep

I know it’s been well over a month since I wrote anything but I don’t have as much time as I thought I would to sit here and put down thoughts.  I decided to take some this morning.  

Sunday was our 8th wedding anniversary, and the 4th one I have spent without my husband.  I know I “signed up for that” when I married him but it doesn’t make it any less sad that it is the case.  I got a phone call from where ever he is right now and spent the day with the little person we created together.  She made things much easier.  It’s hard to sit around feeling down when someone is asking to be pushed on the swing or wants you to watch them go down the slide.  I also spent my first anniversary alone for the same reason and I had no child but a nagging mother in law and if I could make it through that hell, I can make it through this easy breezy.

On another note, the eating habits I swore I was going to change while he is gone have finally started to change.  No more excess sugar, no more random snacking because I’m bored and have nothing else.  My original plan had been to just cut all sweets and sugar out of the house, period, end of story.  I then realized that I was setting myself up to fail for two reasons:

1) I like to have sweet treats.  I just need to make them occasional and not all the time.  I also need to work on portion control, eat one serving of ice cream instead of two.  I’m setting myself up for a binge if I cut them out entirely.

2) My husband likes sweet treats.  Just because I cut them out now doesn’t mean I can when he gets home.  I can’t deprive him because I can’t control myself.  I need to learn to live with them and control myself.

I’m also hopping on the exercise band wagon this week.  I did a strength class yesterday and plan to get some cardio in today!


Welcome to insanity!

18 Mar

Yay, I finally have a blog!!

Not entirely sure what I’m so excited about as I’m sure I will forget about it and go weeks on end with no posts while I figure out this mess called life.  When I do post it will be about some outrageously cute or obnoxious thing my 4 year old has done (Mommyhood) or how much having a husband who is gone sucks(Married) or how I can manage to take a 2 minute shower without interruption (Maintenance).

The name… I am not encouraging eating disorders by any stretch of the imagination.  This is reflective of the stresses particular to military life and the less than stellar coping strategies I have found many (but not necessarily all) of my fellow spouses to have.  Some are minor and others are outright destructive.  Also, as a health and fitness professional, I meet and interact with a great many people who will state they are emotional eaters as well as eating to fill the space when they are bored.  I hope to avoid BOTH of these pitfalls and if I help others to avoid it as well then so be it.

Happy reading and please share/comment!! Unless you have nothing nice to say, then you can just stay quiet.